Japanese Egg Salad Sandwiches on Steroids

Over 1000 calories! The biggest egg salad sandwich in Japan

Head to Osaka’s Kyobashi neighborhood for some seriously protein loaded sandwiches! From a 10-egg Japanese egg salad sandwich to an extra thick shokupan bread slice topped with warm red bean paste and butter, Back Street Coffee is famous for its next level sandwiches! And the best thing? The sandwiches are incredibly reasonably priced – under $10 including a drink! Make sure you visit on an empty stomach because you will be leaving very comfortably stuffed!

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Watch the full video below:

Japanese Egg Salad Sandwiches on Steroids

Over a 1000 Calories! The Biggest Egg Salad Sandwich in Japan 🥪

Posted by Hachiko District on Sunday, 29 August 2021

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