Maximum Matcha! World’s Strongest Green Tea Gelato

Green tea ice cream with a kick

Nanaya in Aoyama is home to the strongest matcha green tea ice cream in the world! They use premium grade green tea to make their gelato – choose from levels one to seven depending on how milky or matcha-y you want to go! Level seven is the strongest – it packs a punch both flavor and caffeine-wise!

Other Branches:

For more information on their other branches see below:

Nanaya Shizuoka

Nanaya Fujieda

Nanaya Sud-Ouest Makinohara

Nanaya Kyoto Sanjo

Nanaya Suzukien Asakusa

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Watch the full video below:

Maximum Matcha! World’s Strongest Green Tea Gelato

The World’s Strongest Green Tea Ice Cream 🍵

Posted by Hachiko District on Thursday, June 11, 2020

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