Melon Pan Ice Cream

[CLOSED] The Sweetest Street Food in Tokyo

Freshly baked melon bread stuffed with ice cream

The Shibuya branch of Sekai De Nibanme Ni Oishii Yakitate Melonpan Ice closed in 2021. You can find their other branches linked at the bottom of this page (Japanese only).


Before we get into the details of this delightful, ice cream filled snack, we should probably explain what ‘melonpan’ or melon bread is. A sweet, fluffy, dome-shaped bread that can be found at bakeries and stores across Japan, the outside has ridges reminiscent of the skins of melon that are crispy in texture. So don’t be fooled by the name – they are not melon flavored!

Melon Pan Ice Cream

Melonpan is thought to date back to a recipe by an Armenian baker in the 1910s who worked at a prestigious hotel in Tokyo. Nowadays, there are many variations such as melonpan studded with chocolate chips or filled with custard cream, and that’s where Sekai De Nibanme Ni Oishii Yakitate Melonpan Ice comes in.

We headed to their Shibuya branch to check out their ice cream filled melonpan! Although the store’s name literally translates into ‘The World’s Second Tastiest Freshly Baked Melonpan Ice Cream,’ they are probably the most famous makers of this amazing fusion snack. 

Melon Pan Ice Cream

Melonpan Gets a Makeover

Located a short walk from the Shibuya side of Yoyogi Park, Sekai De Nibanme Ni Oishii Yakitate Melonpan Ice is a small take-out only shop that is popular with locals and tourists alike. They pride themselves in freshly baking their melonpan on-site – you won’t be disappointed – the warm, soft center and crumbly outside go perfectly with a very generous slab of your chosen ice cream. 

Melon Pan Ice Cream

They have an extensive menu of both ice cream and cream filled buns as well as seasonal specials. We went for the original vanilla ice cream with melonpan rusk ears; the strawberry ice cream filled one with your choice of strawberry sauce, mixed berry sauce or condensed milk; and a Gudetama one – inspired by everyone’s favorite grumpy egg character – using mango ice cream! 

Melon Pan Ice Cream

Other Branches:

Find other branches here (Japanese only).

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Watch the full video below:

The Sweetest Street Food in Tokyo

Freshly Baked Melon Bread Stuffed With Ice Cream 🍈

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