Japan’s Funky Cup Noodles Museum

Create your very own custom cup noodles

Everything Cup Noodles

The Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama is the place to go for everything related to the loveable meal-in-one! As well as the history of cup noodles – including a wall of all the types ever made – you can get hands-on at this museum. We guarantee you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this place!

Head to the second floor to learn about who invented the cup noodle and stand in awe at the 3000+ varieties that have been made to date! Once you’ve learnt everything you need to know about cup noodles, make your way to the third floor for the best part of the museum!

DIY Cup Noodles

The third floor is dedicated to making your very own cup noodles! Yup – DIY, custom-made noodles that you can take home with you. Mix your favorite toppings to make a one-of-a-kind concoction at the My Cup Noodles Factory!  

Start by getting a plain cup from the special vending machines – it’s just 400 yen for one. Next, grab a pen and design your own packaging! Once you’re happy with it, head to the filling station. 

Turn the wheel and watch the noodles fit into the container. Now for the most important part: choosing your flavorings. Pick a base flavor plus four toppings – they’ve got everything from cheese to ‘mystery meat’! 

The staff will seal and shrink wrap your cup for preservation. You can then safely store it in an inflated bag (just pump it up with the provided balloon pump) so it doesn’t get crushed on the way home!

Cup Noodle Soft Serve, Anyone?

If you’re feeling peckish, head to the fourth floor for the night market themed food hall. They have dishes inspired from around the world but their most unusual item has to be the cup noodle flavored soft serve ice cream. 

You read that right – savory ice cream. Choose from soy sauce or curry flavored soft cream topped with a variety of dried toppings, including dried green onion and dried shrimp – an acquired taste to put it mildly…

You can probably guess from our faces what we thought of it but we definitely recommend you to try it for yourself!

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Japan’s Funky Cup Noodles Museum

Create Your Very Own Custom Cup Noodles 🍜

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