Terrifying Fire Ramen in Kyoto

Is this safe? Japan’s dangerous fire ramen

The Original Menbakaichidai

It goes without saying that Japan is home to countless types of ramen but this one definitely gets the ticket for being the most dangerous!

Menbakaichidai is a family-owned restaurant in Kyoto that has been in operation for over 35 years. Originally, they served a variety of ramen but the owner (aka Boss) soon found that, unsurprisingly, their Fire Ramen was the most popular dish. Now, they only serve this fiery delight (plus a variety of sides).

The Secret is in The Greens

What makes their ramen so special?

With a light chicken, seafood and soy sauce based broth, they enhance the flavors and aroma with special ‘kujo-negi’ (Kujo green onions) – a variety that is grown only in Kyoto. Known for its sweetness, they use not only an ample helping of fresh sliced green onions for every bowl but also a special house-made green onion oil. With the addition of flames, the green onion takes on a smokey, aromatic flavor – irresistible!

Time to Get Down to Business

Upon entering Menbakaichidai, you can choose between three different sets: A Set, B Set or their Special Set. A comes with a side of fried rice, B comes with sides of fried rice and gyoza dumplings while the Special Set comes with all those things plus fried chicken AND a special badge featuring Boss with one of his mottos!

Note that they can make the ramen pork-free but they can’t make it onion-free – that’s how essential they are!

After placing your order, you’ll be given a bowl of ramen topped with chashu pork and fresh green onions but don’t start eating yet – the show’s just about to begin. With paper aprons donned, safety check done, and hands behind your back, watch them heat up the oil to a terrifying 1000°F (537°C)!

As they pour the concoction over the ramen, it erupts into a ball of flame like a volcano! 

Now it’s time to feast on the smokey, charred goodness.

You can get the whole experience – your squinting face and all – on camera with their handy phone holders secured around the counter! A memory that will truly last a lifetime. 

Disclaimer: All information here is correct to our knowledge at the time of publication

Watch the full video below:

Terrifying Fire Ramen in Kyoto

Is This Safe? Japan’s Dangerous Fire Ramen 🔥

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