Massive Ribeye Steaks For Beasts

Call her daddy! 2lb ribeye steak sets with rice

Monster Grill specialises in all things meat! We headed to their Ueno store to check out their insane 2lb ribeye steaks – one per person! Tenderized, browned up on the grill and finished off in the oven; the dish is completed with a mountain of rice. Pro tip: get their addictive house-made creamy garlic sauce to go with the steak, it’s a match made in heaven.

Other Branches:

For information on their other branches, including their Gotanda and Ebisu branches, see their website here.

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Watch the full video here

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Watch the diced cheesesteak platter at Monster Grill Ebisu video here

Watch the tomahawk steak at Monster Grill Ebisu video here

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