The Largest BBQ Platter in Asia

15lb Godzilla Tray ft. the legendary Mikey Chen aka Strictly Dumpling

The Best BBQ Joint in Town

Midtown BBQ in Yokohama is the ultimate spot for authentic American BBQ with a twist. We can’t get enough of their A5 wagyu beef brisket (more on that later). This time, we’ve decided to tackle their most extreme platter: the appropriately named Godzilla Tray! Featuring pretty much everything on their BBQ menu, this platter is supposed to feed 8 to 12 people. Naturally, in true Hachiko District fashion, we tackled it with 5 of us!

Mikey Chen in The House

This time round, we had a very special guest join us for this epic challenge – Mikey Chen (aka Strictly Dumpling)! Having tried the A5 wagyu beef brisket before, Mikey couldn’t resist joining us to try Midtown BBQ’s other menu items.

A Platter to Beat All Other Platters

So what exactly is on this platter? Everything. 

It weighs in at 15lbs or 6.8kg and includes their smoked spareribs, pulled pork, BBQ chicken, smoked sausages and, of course, their A5 wagyu beef brisket. Plus jumbo portions of 4 of their signature sides. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Wagyu Brisket Supreme 

You’re probably wondering what makes their brisket so amazing. For a start, they use premium A5 black wagyu beef. They inject a 40lb slab with wagyu beef stock to make it extra juicy and cover it in an original 5-spice dry rub. Then they smoke it for 20 hours using Japanese charcoal and oak. Sliced to order, it’s succulent, melt-in-the-mouth and oh-so flavorsome. An American classic with a Japanese twist – truly the best of both worlds. We really couldn’t recommend it more.

Don’t Forget the Sides 

With all that meat, though, you’ve got to have some side! We chose butter rolls, potato salad, vinegar coleslaw and fries. The perfect combination of carbs and tangy veg. They’ve also got mashed potatoes, green salad, rice and grilled vegetables. Plenty of choice to suit all tastes! 

Time to Get Our Hands Dirty

With rubber gloves donned, it’s time to feast! And it’s everything we imagined it to be and more. Pulled pork with coleslaw in a soft butter roll, ribs that fall right off the bone, and of course the rich and tender brisket. What was everyone’s favorite? You’ll have to watch the full video below to find out!

The Godzilla Tray is advanced orders only so be sure to phone ahead (don’t worry, the staff speak English). Costing 39800 yen in total, it comes to just under 5000 yen a head if you split it between 8 people. An absolute bargain for the quantity and quality! 

Other Branches:

Midtown BBQ Nagoya

Disclaimer: All information here is correct to our knowledge at the time of publication

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The Largest BBQ Platter in Asia

15lb Godzilla Tray ft. Strictly Dumpling 🍖

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